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Who we are

Mr. Kailas Gawande, founder of Vidharbha Irrigation, started with farming and installed drip irrigation on his own field 20 years ago. After helping neighboring farmers, he started his own venture in 2007 as a dealership of a company, guiding farmers on the importance of irrigation systems. With a dream of a local manufacturing unit for high-quality products at reasonable rates, he founded VISPL in 2015. Despite struggles and Covid setbacks, the journey continues on an unending path towards farmers' welfare and regional development.

Our Mission
Our mission is to serve the farmers, and in doing so, serve our nation. Through the utilization of technology, we aim to bring the farm industry back to its golden era, particularly for small landholders.

Our Vision
At VISPL, our vision is to pioneer the widespread adoption of advanced irrigation solutions as a means of addressing the urgent global issues of food, water, and land scarcity. By doing so, we strive to support farmers, enhance their livelihoods, and contribute to their overall well-being and happiness

Our Features

Drip irrigation supplies water drop by drop to plant roots through small holes, while sprinkler irrigation distributes water in showers over a wider area through nozzles


High-quality irrigation products designed to withstand tough farming conditions

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Affordable prices

Affordable prices for irrigation equipment and installation services, making it accessible to a wider range of farmers.

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Advanced technology for optimal irrigation and higher yields.

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